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Alexis B.

I'm here to make art and eat eggs

I'm here to make art and eat eggs

always dipping my toes into new & mysterious waters so my designs reflect whatever those are at the moment... typography, pixel sprites, collage, pop-culture references, all this you'll find here and more. I'm currently updating & adding older designs in monthly batches to this shop before i start working on new stuff

professionally I'm an art teacher, childcare provider, dogsitter, housecleaner, and so on, you know how it is in this economy folks

personally I'm a gal living in the ol midwestern u.s. of a., getting ready to marry a British citizen and move abroad together after a very extended long-distance relationship. in my spare time i like to cook, hike through whatever nature i can find, play board games, and scare myself with horror movies

physically i exist purely as a mass of beans holding onto one-another for dear life

philosophically well, like, yeah man

you can find me makin & postin stuff elsewhere: